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About Us

We bring more than just solutions We bring the results

There are more reasons to make the switch than there is to stay where you are.

Higher CPM earning potential

Meshed Media has a higher average CPM than other platforms. We have the biggest variety of monetization tools out of all the online platforms. For new channels, we have less requirements to initially get your first cheque!

Immersive social video experience

We are innovating our platform to truly be the best social video experience for both content creators and viewers. We make creating a community for the creators easier than ever before with a full social media platform meshed seamlessly with our video sharing platform.

Out with the Ads in with the Freedom.

We have a completely Ad free video experience seamlessly meshed with our social platform. We offer the best, all in one platform. An Ad free platform is great for the viewers but it also means we can have a lot more reasonable guidelines!

Built with YOU in mind

We have made this platform because of the way the industry has been going, it’s time for your voice to be heard! We see what people want and we are here to give that to you.

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This platform has the creators and viewers in mind, if you have any suggestions you would like to see please let us know!